Aims of the Network

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

In biomaterial research projects who have as their ultimate goal the development of innovative medical applications for tissue, bone, joint and organ regeneration.

Driving Technology Transfer

Through patents coming from university-company collaborative projects, R&D contracts and patent licenses.


New Members

Integration of new members, both from scientific and clinical fields, allowing us to cover and reinforce all fields of knowledge relating to biomaterials: sciences, biology, engineering, pharmacy and medicine.


Promote the participation in national and European networks to drive cross-border research and international academic programs.

Public Funding

Greater capacity to compete for public funding for research in Galicia, Spain and the European Union.

Mobility of Researchers

Researchers can move between the groups who make up the network and other national and international research excellence groups.


Communication and Exposure

Improving the level of knowledge in companies, public institutions and citizens with regard to the scientific work carried out within the network.