R & D in dosage forms and drug delivery systems

Intense activity in the field of pharmaceutical technology, biomaterials and related that is summarized in the following lines:

– Development and characterization of new excipients and biomaterials.

– Design strategies for drugs with poor solubility / permeability.

– Compressed and pellets of immediate or modified release.

– Nanostructured systems for vectorization of drugs and genetic material and teranosis.

– Hydrogels bioinspired, imprinted and sensitive to stimuli.

– Scaffolds for regenerative medicine.

– Medicated contact lenses and other drug combination products /
medical device.

– Functionalization of materials for active packaging and bioremediation

Contact: José Luis Gómez Amoza

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Email:  joseluis.gomez.amoza@usc.es

Address: Facultad de Farmacia. Campus Vida. 15782 Santiago de Compostela (España)